Published On: 11. April 2024

Conference hotel

Finding the right conference hotel – the checklist

Conference hotels are suitable for any event thanks to their specialised facilities and services. They offer the ideal setting for business meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops.

In the business sector in particular, annual conferences, seminars lasting several days or board meetings are worth mentioning. Training courses and team-building events are also often held in conference hotels.

With the right checklist, nothing can go wrong when booking your conference hotel. We have compiled the relevant aspects for you – from general information such as relaxed arrival and departure, the number of rooms and room capacities of the event rooms, to additional comfort for the event technology and the time after the events. With HM business travel, you also have an expert at your side who keeps an eye on every detail and can support you in booking your conference hotel.

What does a good conference hotel need? You should definitely pay attention to this:

General location and information

  • Location:
    Look for a conference hotel with good accessibility, such as proximity to airports and railway stations or good and sufficient parking facilities.

  • Surroundings:
    Make sure the hotel is in a quiet location, but also offers the opportunity for team-building activities outside the function rooms.

  • Accommodation:
    Make sure there are a sufficient number of rooms in the potential conference hotel. You should also take a close look at the type of room, comfort and facilities.

Conference and event rooms

  • Room capacities:
    Choose your conference hotel based on the size and number of meeting rooms, as well as the maximum capacity of the seating options.

  • Technical equipment:
    W-LAN, microphones, projectors and video conferencing systems – what do you need for your conference? Ask the potential conference hotel in advance whether the necessary equipment is available.

  • Digital services:
    Nowadays, participants are often connected online. Is this also the case for your event? Make sure that all the necessary requirements are met in advance.

  • Room flexibility:
    Do you need any special adaptations for your meeting rooms? Make sure that all options are available for your purpose.

  • Break areas:
    Coffee breaks and networking are particularly important at such events – check in advance that areas are available for this and that the appropriate layout is possible.

Meals and catering

  • Meals:
    What is the quality and variety of the catering at the potential seminar hotel? Is the catering sourced regionally or are vegetarian and vegan dishes also offered? Find out the necessary information based on your requirements.

  • Snacks during breaks:
    Not only the main meals, but also the availability of snacks and drinks during breaks should be provided.

  • Special offers:
    What else is important to you? Whether it’s the possibility of private dinners, themed evenings or networking events – plan in advance what you need.

Additional services and amenities

  • Staff:
    Is sufficient staff, with experience in such events, bookable to support you directly at the conference hotel? You should not neglect this element.

  • Leisure facilities:
    Fitness areas, wellness areas, or other leisure facilities – if any of these are important to you, pay attention to any available details before booking the hotel.

  • Additional services:
    Ask beforehand if there is a business centre, concierge service or shuttle service.

Costs and contract terms

  • Pricing:
    A transparent cost structure is the be-all and end-all. The costs for the rooms, catering and additional services should be clearly itemised.

  • Cancellation conditions:
    Flexibility and conditions for cancellations or changes should be in place. Note the relevant information in the offers.

What do previous guests say about the potential conference hotel?

What is the best way to find out whether the conference hotel you are looking for can also provide the desired offer and service that it advertises? The best way to create a trustworthy image: Reviews of the conference hotel from previous guests. Find out about their experiences in advance and benefit for your own conference.

We are happy to advise you

Are you looking for support in choosing your conference hotel? Whether in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt or another city – with us, the search for suitable hotels and locations, the question of room configuration or the selection of technical and catering services will be handled particularly quickly and satisfactorily. We make the process easier for you – please contact us.