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ITMA 2027 in Hanover

ITMA 2027 in Hanover

16. to 22. September

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Discover effortless booking of trade fair hotels for ITMA Hannover 2027 with HM Business Travel. Our seasoned team is here to ensure a stress-free preparation for the premier trade fair spotlighting textile and clothing technologies. Tailoring every aspect of your trip to the fair according to your unique preferences is our forte, thanks to the vast experience of our adept travel experts.

Embark on a voyage of discovery at ITMA 2027, where the pulse of industry innovation beats strong across 13 bustling exhibition halls from September 16 to 22. Unveil the latest industry trends and cutting-edge developments showcased by exhibitors from 44 nations. Kickstart your preparations for this enlightening trade fair expedition now, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of advancements waiting to be explored.

Pressed for time, yet committed to marking ITMA on your calendar? Sidestep the time-consuming chore of sifting through travel options, securing hotel rooms, and more. Entrust the meticulous orchestration of your journey to the capable hands of our trained experts at HM Business Travel. We’re here to transform the mundane task of travel planning into a seamless experience, freeing you to focus on what truly matters – diving into the wealth of knowledge and opportunities awaiting at ITMA. Your tranquil passage to the heart of textile and clothing technology evolution is but a call away.

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  • Single room and double room
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  • Restaurants and bars within a short distance
  • Good connection for car, bus & train
  • Additional services can be booked as an option

Your hotel, for your budget

Are you looking for simple solutions or do you want a 5-star standard? Thanks to a wide contingent of over 800 hotel partners, the HM business travel team can fulfil every wish, no matter what your budget. Within 24 hours we will provide you with a transparent hotel offer, tailor-made and non-binding. With our team of experts, arranging group trips are also child’s play. We keep an eye on your needs and offer you comfortable and fair hotel deals.

With the right preparation, you can enjoy a stress-free visit to the trade fair. A great deal of the preparation can be done from your desk at home. We are happy to support you with the arrangements, or plan your arrival and departure as well as your evening program. For example, maybe you want to leave your car in the hotel garage and use a chauffeur service or public transport? Our team will give you tips on how to make your stay at the trade fair as pleasant as possible.

Would you like to have a drink after a day at the trade fair? In Hanover, laid back lounges, rustic pubs and bars with a high-class atmosphere can help you pass the time.

And the eateries of the big city also offer some culinary delights. Please contact us for tips and seat reservations:
While Giovanni-R on Hildesheimer Straße in Laatzen is the best place to go for pizza and pasta after the trade fair, the Funky Kitchen on the Expo site not only attracts with international delicacies, but also with good music. At Helenenstraße 37, fans of spicy cuisine will find the Indian restaurant RAJ. But if it is authentic Greek cuisine you crave and not Indian food, we can recommend Kytaro restaurant.

Ask our team for more restaurant tips or read our article on the best restaurants at the exhibition centre in Hanover.

Unveiling a sprawling expanse of 220,000 square metres, ITMA 2027 is set to encapsulate a world of innovation within 13 vibrant exhibition halls from September 16 to 22. With each edition, around 100,000 curious minds from every corner of the globe converge on the exhibition grounds, creating a melting pot of ideas and cultures. A formidable roster of 1,600 companies will grace the halls, each showcasing a medley of ingenious products and forward-thinking concepts.

The 2027 edition is spotlighting a bespoke trade fair blueprint, meticulously crafted to embody the essence of location flexibility, sterling service orientation, and a robust digital infrastructure. Moreover, a discerning focus on sustainability underpins the entire event, echoing the global shift towards eco-conscious business practices. This innovative fair layout not only mirrors the evolving industry standards but also paves the way for an engaging and insightful visitor experience. With each facet designed to streamline your journey through the fair, ITMA 2027 is more than a trade event; it’s a doorway to the future of textile and clothing technologies.

Nestled within the esteemed umbrella of CEMATEX, the European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers, ITMA boasts a lineage of nine robust European textile machinery associations. Since its inception in 1951, ITMA has flourished as a cornerstone in the trade fair sector, its legacy of excellence transcending geographical boundaries as it migrates to a new trade fair city with each iteration.

With a rhythm of every four years, ITMA bestows its exhibition splendor upon different cities, enriching each locale with its diverse and international showcase. The journey from Barcelona to Basel, Birmingham, and Milan, has now navigated its course to Hannover for ITMA 2027. The city readies itself to embrace the wave of innovation and global camaraderie that accompanies this prestigious event. Through its dynamic relocations, ITMA not only expands its horizons but also enkindles a global dialogue, elevating the textile and clothing technology sector to new vistas of possibility and collaboration.

The Hanover Exhibition Centre is conveniently located for arrival and departure by all means of transport. Hanover is well networked regionally as well as throughout Germany and Europe.

Arriving by plane:

From the airport you can take a shuttle bus from B.F.M. Incoming & Traveler Services GmbH at Terminal C, which will take you directly to the exhibition centre. You can also continue your journey via Hanover main station – the Airport S-Bahn station is located between Terminals B and C.

By taxi to the fair: You will find numerous taxi ranks around the exhibition grounds at the entrances NORTH 2, WEST 1 and 2 and SOUTH 1. The journey between the exhibition centre and the airport takes around 30 minutes. Call your taxi on +49 0511 3811.

Good to know: You can get special rates from the Lufthansa Group partner airline. If you participate in the trade fair, you can get discounted prices for flights and special conditions through a separate event flight reservation.

Arriving by train:

By train, you will land at the Hanover Central Station transport hub. From here you can continue to the exhibition centre by bus or tram.

A tip: Deutsche Bahn offers event tickets for visitors to EMO Hanover at a nationwide fixed price. Book via the Deutsche Bahn portal.

Arriving by bus & tram:

Are you coming from Hanover Central Station? Subway line 8 and special line 18 takes you straight to the exhibition centre entrance NORD 1 and 2 in about 18 minutes. Line 6 and special line 16 will take you to the OST 3 entrance. Bus lines 340 and 341 go to the SÜD and WEST 1 entrances.

When you arrive at the Laatzen exhibition centre station, you can reach the exhibition centre via the “Skywalk,” a covered bridge, just 400 m from the WEST 1 exhibition entrance. While the trade fair is underway, the train operators Metronom and Erixx also make a special stop at the trade fair station.

Arriving by car:

You will arrive via the connection to the A7 (Munich – Hamburg) and A2 (Ruhr area – Berlin) motorways. Parking spaces with charging stations for electric cars are also available near the entrance. Parking fees are usually EUR 11.00 per day.

Did you know? With the NUNAV app you will receive a personalized route recommendation especially for the trade fair. The app was developed exclusively for the Hanover region.

The adress of Messe Hanover

Deutsche Messe
D-30521 Hanover, Germany

We at HM business travel are happy to plan your arrival and departure.

Experience Hanover

Hanover has so much to offer. In addition to first-class accommodation and short travel times, the city boasts numerous exhibitions and plays. Then there are the idyllic streets of the old town, with inviting cafés and boutiques, as well as sights such as the Herrenhausen Gardens and the town hall. And Hanover is also worth a trip for those who love their nightlife.

At HM business travel, we can help design your tailored program if you wish!

ITMA comes to Hannover in 2027

Keeping pace with the epoch of innovation: ITMA heralds a technologically enriched experience even before you step into the vibrant exhibition halls. The foresight shone bright in 2023 when a nifty orientation guide app was launched, offering a succinct overview of the fair with all pertinent facts and figures at your fingertips. This initiative reflects not merely a stride into the future, but a robust endeavor to arm your business with groundbreaking innovations, propelling it towards a sustainable tomorrow.

The 2023 edition unfurled a tapestry of highlights including the bustling Start-up Valley, the intellectually stimulating Research and Innovation Lab, and the captivating Innovation Video Showcase. The narrative of ingenuity continues to evolve in 2027 with a curated roster of riveting topics. The invitation is open: delve into the future, register for ITMA 2027, and immerse yourself in a wellspring of knowledge and opportunity that promises to redefine the textile and clothing technology panorama.

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