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Reliably execute events

Whether it’s a fundraising gala, team-building event, company celebration, summer party, or Christmas gathering, you aim to host an event but don’t have the time for detailed planning? We recognize the demands of your daily routine. That’s why we handle the stress of the back-office tasks, letting you relax at the end of your day.

You provide the occasion; we bring our expertise in ensuring successful event management. With our comprehensive services, we emphasize choosing unique event locations and top-tier service offerings to make your occasion truly memorable.

Our role is to manage the planning and coordination so your event unfolds seamlessly. We draft and oversee resources and budgets, ensuring you maintain clarity and optimize your financial plans. Our expansive network positions us to identify the perfect partner to tailor your event in line with the occasion.

We aim to transform your event into an enduring memory for all attendees. Leveraging innovative strategies and a personalized approach, we assure your event will surpass every expectation.

  • Around-the-clock support line
  • Comprehensive event planning and execution
  • Hotel options spanning various budgets and preferences
  • Venue arrangements for all event sizes and styles
  • Efficient transfer services and flight arrangements
  • Delegate coordination tailored to your needs
  • On-site assistance, tailored to your event specifics
  • Post-event analysis to gauge success
  • Strategic event promotion and marketing assistance
  • Budget and resource management with precision
  • Dining and entertainment arrangements
  • Cutting-edge conference, sound, and lighting equipment

Diverse event opportunities

Events are the quintessential avenue to celebrate special moments and convey pivotal messages. With us, celebrate your company’s milestones, let your guests relive cherished memories, or maintain your team’s enthusiasm. Showcase your latest products in a captivating presentation that will leave your customers in awe. We set the stage, allowing your company to host exclusive client gatherings or sophisticated gala dinners.

Lost in a maze of expenses? With events orchestrated by HM business travel, our clear and transparent cost structure ensures your budget remains within defined boundaries.
Collaborate with HM business travel’s experts and reclaim valuable time. While you concentrate on your primary business, we undertake the demanding planning and organizing. Embrace our assistance.
From awe-inspiring event venues to thrilling entertainment – our extensive network ensures we identify the perfect fit for your event. Our wide-ranging services cater to your precise needs and specifications without the need for you to scout independently.
Every event demands a unique approach. Our dedicated team, brimming with passion, creativity, and a wealth of experience, stands ready. We guarantee that your event will captivate everyone, from attendees to keynote speakers.

With us, your event will remain etched in memories.

When planning a remarkable event, you aim to dazzle your guests with an extraordinary, well-coordinated function. At HM business travel, your event’s success is paramount.

With expert support based on industry knowledge, our team will give your event that special touch. Be it choosing between an indoor or outdoor venue, catering specifics, on-site assistance, or contingency plans – our all-encompassing management ensures your live event will not just meet but exceed the hopes of attendees, be they clients, guests, or team members.

Reach out to our team. Let our expertise guide you, and we will be delighted to provide a no-obligation quote.

HM business travel – Your go-to for customized MICE solutions.

From meetings that inspire, to incentives or incentive trips that motivate your guests and teams, to conventions that revolutionise your industry – we make your ideas a reality. Our team of experts at HM business travel are masters of creativity and precision, offering customised solutions for each of your requests. From the initial idea to the final applause, we are happy to accompany you with our service.

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